The names of God: Yahweh Raah

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.  Psalms 23:1 NIV

Yahweh Raah – the Lord is my Shepherd – leads us, his sheep, to pastures of his provision. He leads us to the still waters of his presence where we find rest in this midst of turmoil. He leads us and when we follow him we will never lose our way. His rod and staff are always in his hands to correct and reprove us, but also to protect us from wolves that constantly surround us. As long as we are close to him he will keep us safe. We are prone to wander off, but his shepherd’s crook is promptly placed around our necks to draw us back to himself. “Where is God?” we are quick to cry when we’re going through the valley of the shadow of death and we feel hopeless. Ah! But the Shepherd himself has led us there. In order to get to better pastures, the route often takes us through such valleys. He doesn’t remove us from them, but he leads us through them, and he is always there with us in them. We need to trust the Shepherd, even at times when we can’t see and don’t understand! The Good Shepherd truly cares for his sheep. He even lays down his own life for them. Yahweh Raah – the Lord is my Shepherd.

Jesus said:

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.  The hired hand is not the shepherd and does not own the sheep. So when he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it.  The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep.   “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me—  just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep.  John 10:11-15 NIV

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