Romans 1: 8 – 32

1. Why did Paul thank God for the believers in Rome?


2. Who did Paul serve with his whole heart?


3. Why did Paul long to see the believers in Rome?


4. What is the second reason that Paul planned to visit the believers in Rome?


5. Who was Paul obligated to?


6. Why wasn’t Paul ashamed of the gospel?


7. What is revealed through the gospel?


8. What is being revealed against all the godlessness and wickedness of people


9. What do ungodly and wicked people do?


10. How do we know that they know about God?


11. What happened to their thinking and hearts when they never glorified God although they knew him?


12. What did they start worshipping?


13. What did God do when they worshipped what they weren’t supposed to worship?


14. What wicked practice did people start doing?


15. What were some of the qualities of a depraved mind that God gave them over to?



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