The Gospel Message

  1. God made all people good and equal. People, being pure and holy, enjoyed a relationship with God
  2. Adam sinned and was separated from God as God is Holy and will not associate with sinfulness in any way.
  3. The consequences of sin include guilt, shame, fear, mental and physical  illnesses, and ultimately the wrath of God.
  4. The nature of man is sinful and is inclined to sin. Although the sinful nature was passed down to every person from Adam every person is accountable to God for their own sinfulness.
  5. God, besides being righteous and will judge everyone for their sin, is also merciful and has never stopped loving people who are the crown of His creation having been created in His image and likeness.
  6. God sent Jesus, who was and is absolutely righteous having committed no sin in thought or deed, to die a sacrificial death for the sins of all people in all places of all time.
  7. Jesus, whose name means “God is salvation”, died on a Roman cross as a criminal although He was innocent, taking the sin, guilt, shame and the wrath of God upon Himself so that all people may be forgiven and delivered from sin and its consequences through His death. It was a substitutionary sacrifice. Jesus took the wrath that was meant for all people on Himself. He rose from the dead three days later breaking the power of death for all who will believe.
  8. People receive this gift of forgiveness and, along with it, reconciliation with God and eternal life by believing in what Jesus has done, repenting  – turning away from their sins and cease a lifestyle of sin – and following Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

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